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Amazon Quiz Answers For November 13

Amazon Quiz Answers For November 13

For the festive season, Amazon is giving you chance to win exciting prizes, Amazon Pay balance via its daily quiz contest. The Amazon Quiz for November 13 (today) is live now and today’s lucky winner can win Rs. 15,000 Amazon Pay balance by answering all five questions correctly.

For those who are unaware of the game, you have to participate in this contest between 8 AM and 12 PM every morning. For participating in the quiz contest, you have to download the Amazon mobile app as it is not available in the web version.

Amazon Quiz Answers For November 13

If you don’t have an Amazon app, you can download the app from your Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Then you can search for the quiz by going to the Amazon home page and scroll down in the app. Alternatively, you can participate in the contest by going to Amazon Home Page > Menu > Programs and Features > FunZone. Like other days, today’s lucky winner will also be declared later on the same day. Check out the five questions and answers for today’s (November 13) contest and win Rs. 15,000 Amazon Pay balance.

Amazon Quiz Answers For November 13

1. Indian Army Chief General MM Naravane has recently been awarded the honorary rank of ‘General’ by which country?

Ans- Nepal

2. Which site, home to 2000-year-old designs on the ground – known as geoglyphs, was first discovered by a Peruvian aerial surveyor in 1927?

Ans- Nazca Lines

3.Currently the world’s largest multi-stage lift irrigation project, The Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project is a project on which river?

Ans- Godavari

4. Which dynasty built this wall around the border of China in the ancient days?

Ans- Ming Dynasty

5. Who among these has NOT won a gold medal at the Olympics in this sport in singles?

Ans- Roger Federer


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