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5 Educational Apps for Innovative Teachers

5 Educational Apps for Innovative Teachers


If you have wondered what educational applications you can use that are attractive, fun, and easy to implement, you are an innovative teacher, with a creative mind. Here are five options that will put you on the path of educational technology in times where studying at home is the common denominator.

5 Educational Apps for Innovative Teachers


This tool allows you to record videos from your computer screen; It is very useful for you to create your own educational videos and use them in the Flipped or Blended Learning mode. The free version allows you to record, with an intro watermark with the RecordCast logo, but it is not something that diminishes the quality of the video. 

5 Educational Apps for Innovative Teachers

The Premium version removes that intro and allows you to have more permissions to save videos. It is an educational application that is very useful for creating video tutorials. You can visit their site here.



It is an educational application designed for students and teachers that allows them to practice whatever topic they are studying, through attractive and customizable activity proposals based on user contributions. It works based on games where participants work as a team to correctly combine terms and concepts.

5 Educational Apps for Innovative Teachers

Quizlet is a multi-functional educational application that can be easily used on computers or mobile devices, such as Quizlet Live, Learning Mode, Diagrams, Flashcards, and Mobile. Quizlet is free for teachers with an account.



Socrative is a totally free computational educational application for students (teachers require an account), which allows you to monitor, evaluate and provide immediate feedback on the learning process, in an easy, intuitive, and fun way, on your computer or mobile device.

5 Educational Apps for Innovative Teachers

It allows three forms of evaluation: multiple choice questions, short answers, and false-true options. So you also have three job options: Quiz (standard questionnaires), Space Rate (questionnaires with time), and Exit Ticket (ranking of results). One of its main characteristics is that it allows the incorporation of the games component, which achieves greater motivation and connection with the learning activity that is being carried out.



Testmoz is an educational application that generates tests and quizzes, relatively simple to use, but at the same time contains most of the test creation options most used by teachers (false-true, multiple-choice, multiple answers, and essay questions). View averages, scores, and student responses, and export data in CSV format.

5 Educational Apps for Innovative Teachers

It is free, does not require registration, and does not contain advertisements or pop-ups. However, if you require more versatility, you can opt for a plan of $50 per year to obtain additional benefits such as an unlimited number of questions per exam, answers per question, uploading images and files, showing explanations to questions, fields of personalization by the student, etc. It is a very useful educational application.



Edpuzzle is an educational application for pc and mobile devices that allows you to make lessons with videos that are already on YouTube. You can choose the video that is appropriate for the topic or learning content of your interest, and “edit” the video with the multiple-choice, false-true, short answer, and audio questions so that the student uses it as a teaching material, and not as an entertainment video.


The free version has limited storage capacity. You can integrate the resources that you create in Edpuzzle to various platforms, such as Google Classroom, Canvas, Moodle, etc. It is a very useful tool for creating resources for the Flipped Learning or Blended Learning modality.


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