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How to Sign Documents on Your iPhone in Just 5 Easy Steps

The convenience of smartphones has streamlined so many everyday tasks, and that includes the ability to sign documents on the go. Whether it’s a contract, a form, or a PDF, you can easily add your signature to a document directly from your iPhone. Here’s how:

Using Apple’s Built-in Markup Tools

  1. Find Your Document:

    Open the document you need to sign. This could be in apps such as Mail, Files, or a PDF reader.

  2. Tap the Markup Icon:

    Look for the Markup icon, usually represented by a pen-tip in a circle. Tap on it to open the Markup tools.

  3. Add Your Signature:

    How to Sign Documents on Your iPhone in Just 5 Easy Steps
    Tap the “+” symbol at the bottom right corner, then select “Signature.”

  4. Create or Choose Your Signature

    • If this is your first time, sign your name with your finger on the screen and tap “Done”.
    • If you’ve saved a signature previously, select it from the list.
  5. Position and Save:

    Move your signature into place and resize it if needed. Tap “Done” to save your signed document.

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