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Vaio Laptops To Make A Comeback In India

Vaio Laptops To Make A Comeback In India

Right now, there is a demand in the laptop market due to the work from home and online education trend caused by uncertain times. Since the past few months, the sales of laptops have spiked in the country. To capitalize on the growing market, it looks like the Japanese laptop brand Vaio, which stayed out of the market for years is planning to re-enter the Indian market.

In 2014, Sony that was selling Vaio laptops sold the PC business. Now, the company appears to be in plans to make a comeback in partnership with Nexstgo, a Hong Kong-based company.Vaio Laptops To Make A Comeback In India

Vaio Laptops Flipkart Teaser

Vaio Laptops Flipkart Teaser The e-commerce retailer Flipkart has teased the comeback of the Vaio laptops in India. The teaser does not shed light on the exact launch date but it notes that lightweight Vaio laptops will be launched soon in the country.

Besides this, Nexstgo Company Limited and Vaio have signed a license agreement for manufacturing, sales, marketing as well as servicing these laptops in a slew of global markets including India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Middle East, Taiwan, Macau and Singapore.

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