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WhatsApp’s linked devices feature inches closer to a beta launch

We wouldn’t blame you if you thought WhatsApp‘s multiple device support was a myth. News of its existence first broke cover late last year. Now, nearly a year later, it seems that the feature could soon make its debut on the platform, according to WABetaInfo.

The WhatsApp tipster uncovered new info regarding the pending feature in a future beta build, which will allow up to four devices to use a single WhatsApp account simultaneously.

The feature is still called “linked devices” and allows users to “send or receive messages from your browser, computer or Facebook portal“.

At present, users running the future build will have to opt-in to access the feature, but once that’s completed, a list of their linked devices will appear. Users can then log out of each device individually if required.

WhatsApp’s linked devices feature inches closer to a beta launch

WABetaInfo also explains that if users choose to opt-in to the feature, all current sessions will be shuttered. You’ll have to log in all over again on all devices.

While earlier reports didn’t clarify if your primary phone needed to be connected to the internet, the new info notes that each device will be allowed to connect independently. This means that you needn’t have your phone connected to the internet if you want to use WhatsApp on your PC.

The tipster doesn’t clarify when the build will be available to beta testers, but does explain that some features “still aren’t ready”. Don’t hold your breath, but if you are on the WhatsApp beta channel, maybe keep a keen eye and ear out for an update.


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