Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Take Control of Your YouTube Comments: A Quick Guide

Your YouTube comments are a digital footprint – they show what you’ve watched, the conversations you’ve been part of, and how your opinions might have changed. Let’s tidy up that comment history and make sure it reflects who you are now.

Here’s how to manage your YouTube comments:

  1. Sign into the Right Account: Make sure you’re logged into the Google account you used to make the YouTube comments you want to manage. (If you used multiple accounts, you’ll need to do this for each one).

  2. Visit Your Comment History: Head directly to your YouTube comment history [insert the same link you had provided]. This is your ‘comment control panel’.

  3. Review and Delete: Scroll through your comments. See anything you don’t want associated with you anymore? Click the ‘X’ next to a comment to delete it permanently.

  4. Make Edits: Want to change a comment rather than delete it?

    • Find the video where you left the comment.
    • Click the three dots next to your comment and choose “Edit”.
    • Update your comment and save the changes.

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