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Should You Buy a Refurbished iPhone 12 from Cashify?

Apple’s iPhone 12 may not be the latest and greatest anymore, but it still packs a punch. For budget-conscious Apple enthusiasts, Cashify’s refurbished iPhone 12 offers a tempting proposition – a premium smartphone experience at a significantly lower price. But is it worth taking the plunge? Let’s dive into the review, price, and warranty details to help you decide.

Performance and Features:

Powered by the A14 Bionic chip, the refurbished iPhone 12 from Cashify delivers smooth performance for everyday tasks, social media scrolling, and even some light gaming. While it won’t handle the most demanding graphics-intensive games with the same flair as newer models, it holds its own surprisingly well.

The 6.1-inch OLED Super Retina XDR display boasts vibrant colors and sharp visuals, making watching videos and browsing the web a joy. The dual-camera system, while not on par with the latest iPhones, still captures decent photos in good lighting conditions.

Price and Value:

Here’s where Cashify’s refurbished iPhone 12 truly shines. Depending on storage capacity and condition, you can snag this phone for anywhere between ₹28,299 and ₹38,099. That’s a significant discount compared to the original launch price, putting a premium Apple device within reach for many more folks.

Warranty and Peace of Mind:

Cashify provides a six-month warranty on all its refurbished iPhones, offering peace of mind and protection against any inherent hardware issues. Additionally, a 15-day replacement policy allows you to return the phone if you’re not satisfied, further mitigating the risk.


The Cashify Refurbished iPhone 12 is an excellent option for budget-conscious Apple fans seeking a powerful and stylish smartphone. While it may not be the absolute cutting edge, it offers exceptional value for money, delivering reliable performance, a stunning display, and a decent camera, all backed by a reasonable warranty. If you’re looking for an upgrade without breaking the bank, Cashify’s refurbished iPhone 12 is definitely worth considering.

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