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Philips launches new range of soundbars, Party Speakers in India

Philips launches new range of soundbars, Party Speakers in India

Philips has launched six new soundbars and three new party speakers ahead of the festive season. The new soundbars start from as low as Rs. 4,990, whereas the party speakers start from Rs. 18,990. The new range of audio products from Philips will be available via both Amazon and Flipkart, along with Sony’s offline retail partners. The most premium party speaker in the range, the TANX200, delivers 14 hours of playtime and comes with a built-in carry handle.

Philips soundbars, party speakers price in India

The new range of soundbars from Philips start at Rs. 4,990 for the affordable HTL1020. The HTL1042 in the same series costs Rs. 7,990. The HTL8120 and the HTL8121 in the next-tier are priced at Rs. 14,990 and Rs. 16,990, respectively. Finally, the most premium soundbar in the range, the HTL8162, comes with a price tag of Rs. 19,990.

The most premium Philips TANX200 party speaker is priced at Rs. 25,990 in India, and the relatively affordable TANX4205 and TANX4105 speakers are priced at Rs. 21,990 and Rs. 18,990, respectively.

All the new audio products from Philips are up for sale via Amazon and Flipkart. Partnered offline retailers will also sell the new soundbars and party speakers. The company has a retail presence in more than 35,000 stores across the country with 200 distributors. Philips has said that it is working to double the number of service centres in the country.

Philips launches new range of soundbars Party Speakers in India

Philips soundbars and party speakers features

Philips HTL8162 soundbar comes in a glass design with a touch panel. It has a sound output of 160W and packs a compact wireless subwoofer. It supports HDMI ARC passthrough to connect to TVs. The Philips HTL8121 and HTL8120 soundbars feature a subwoofer with 120W output. These soundbars also support HDMI ARC. The more affordable 2.0 channel soundbars, the HTL1042 and the HTL1020, deliver 40W and 20W sound output, respectively, and support Bluetooth wireless streaming. The soundbars can be attached to a wall or placed on a table top.

Coming to party speakers, the top-end Philips TANX200 Bluetooth party speaker offers 14 hours play time on a single charge and comes with a built-in carry handle for lugging it around. The more economical TANX4105 and TANX4205 party speakers support wireless mics, light effects, and a trolley for ease of movement.

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