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Noise Luna Ring Features, Price & Review

Noise Luna Ring: A Stylish Smart Ring on the Rise

In the age of smartwatches, Noise Luna Ring throws a curveball, taking wearable tech onto your finger. This sleek titanium band boasts health tracking, sleep monitoring, and notification alerts in a discreet and fashionable package. But does it pack enough punch to justify its price tag? Let’s dive into the features, price, and reviews of the Luna Ring.


  • Health Tracking: The Luna Ring tracks steps, calories burned, distance, and SpO2 levels. While it may not replace dedicated fitness trackers, it provides a good overview of your daily activity.
  • Sleep Monitoring: As you drift off, the Luna Ring monitors your sleep stages and delivers insights into sleep quality. This can be helpful for identifying areas for improvement in your sleep habits.
  • Smart Notifications: Get discreet vibration alerts for calls, texts, and app notifications without the need to pull out your phone. Perfect for those who prioritize a minimalist look.
  • Water Resistance: Built to withstand accidental splashes and even showers, the Luna Ring can handle your daily wear and tear.
  • Stylish Design: Available in five colors and seven sizes, the Luna Ring complements a variety of styles. Its slim and lightweight design makes it comfortable for all-day wear.


The Noise Luna Ring is currently priced at Rs. 14,999 in India. While it’s not the cheapest smart ring on the market, it falls in the mid-range compared to its competitors.


Reviews for the Luna Ring are generally positive, praising its design, comfortable fit, and accurate health tracking. However, some users point out limitations like its battery life (lasting around 5 days) and lack of advanced features compared to smartwatches.


The Noise Luna Ring is a stylish and feature-packed smart ring that offers a comfortable and discreet way to track your health and stay connected. While it may not replace your smartwatch entirely, it provides valuable insights and notifications in a minimalist package. If you’re looking for a unique and fashionable way to wear your tech, the Luna Ring is definitely worth considering.

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