Thursday, July 18, 2024

OnePlus has teased the debut of a “OnePlus World” on October 1

OnePlus has teased the debut of a “OnePlus World” on October 1

OnePlus may precede the 8T launch with the debut of something… different. The company has teased  the premiere of a OnePlus World on October 1, with hints that it might be a virtual space.

 The teaser doesn’t include many details, but the picture suggests OnePlus is launching a virtual reality-like environment with avatars. It could be a community hub or a product showcase — assuming it isn’t something else entirely. We wouldn’t count on requiring a VR headset if it is a digital environment. Adoption of VR technology is still low enough that relatively few fans would have the necessary hardware.

 OnePlus is no stranger to virtual worlds, at least. It used an augmented reality app to launch the Nord due to the COVID-19 pandemic. An online space would also be helpful at a time when customers aren’t always comfortable visiting OnePlus’ physical locations.

The timing is difficult to ignore, too. OnePlus World is appearing just two weeks before the 8T introduction and might represent a way to discuss or showcase the new phone. Whatever World is for, it’s clear that OnePlus will be quite busy going into the fall — new hardware is just one part of a larger picture.

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