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LG ‘Wing’ global launch event on September 14

LG ‘Wing’ global launch event on September 14

LG’s big launch event, where the company is expected to announce the first Explorer Project device, the Wing, is tomorrow. The buzz around the LG Wing is strong – after all, the high-end phone will come with a unique rotating screen. Based on leaks, the LG Wing appears to be a crazy looking device. Interested in watching the live launch of the LG Wing? Here’s everything you need to know about how to watch the LG Wing global launch event.

LG ‘Wing’ global launch event on September 14

LG Wing event start time and live stream

Here are all the details for LG Wing’s launch event:

When: Monday, September 14, at 11:00 pm KST or 7:30 pm IST
Where: To watch the event live, head to this YouTube channel
How: You can watch the live stream on any iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, Android tablet, Mac or Windows PC.

LG Wing launch event: What to expect

LG is expected to show the first glimpse of the Wing smartphone to the world on Monday. The Wing is not going to be an ordinary-looking phone. Instead, the phone will have a unique swivelling mechanism which allows one screen to rotate 90 degrees horizontally above another screen to form a T-like shape. This will be a dual-screen phone, with a twist.

The flagship LG Wing is expected to cost around $1,000, although some reports have speculated the price might be pegged as high as $1,200. The phone is expected to feature a Snapdragon 765 processor, 6.8-inch OLED display, and 128GB internal storage space. Of course, the rotating screen will be the highlight of the LG Wing. It is said to measure around 4-inches in diagonal. The phone may also have a triple camera system and support 5G connectivity.

LG ‘Wing’ global launch event on September 14

All eyes will be the LG Wing, because the company is at least trying to experiment with form factors. LG claims the Wing is just the first one in its Explorer Project, which “will include devices that deliver distinctive and yet unexplored usability experiences.”

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