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How To Get Netflix Subscription From Vi REDX Pack

How To Get Netflix Subscription From Vi REDX Pack

Vi (Vodafone-Idea) has come up with a new offer for its postpaid users. Under this new offer, postpaid customers are free to choose the Netflix pack after renewing the same package via its newly launched app called MyVi app.

The REDX plan of Vi is offering benefits worth Rs. 5,988; however, it is priced at Rs. 1,099. This means that Vi is providing all benefits without any extra cost when you register via the company’s application. The operator said that after renewing the pack you will get Netflix along with benefits worth Rs, 5,988 for 365 days. However, to avail the benefits of Netflix and others, users should know these steps.

How To Get Netflix Subscription From Vi REDX Pack

You need to open your MyVi application and check the benefits sections that show all the offers on the REDX packs. Notably, the company allows you to make the payment in seven days. This means that the company gives you a seven-day window to pay and renew the plan. Also, the operator will send you a reminder message when you have to renew your services.

Furthermore, the company said that if anyone is using Rs. 999 REDX plan, which is the old rental plan is also allowed to avail this benefit at Rs. 1,099, which is the new revised price. It said that in case anyone wants to discontinue these plans, then the person has to pay Rs. 3,000.

Vi Offering 6GB Data Along With ZEE5 Access With Rs. 999 Pack

Meanwhile, the company announced that the ZEE5 plans are now offering extra 6GB data to users. These packs are priced at Rs. 355, Rs 405, Rs 595, Rs 795, and Rs 2,595. This 6GB data is known as bonus data and will be added to the existing data offerings.

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