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how to turn on Instagram’s dark mode

how to turn on Instagram’s dark mode

Like many other popular apps, Instagram includes a dark mode you can enable to make the majority of its interface black. There are a couple of reasons you might want to turn on the option. One of the more practical ones is that using dark mode across your apps can can help your device save on battery life.

How to enable Intagram’s dark mode

1. Tap on your profile.

The first step to turning on dark mode in Instagram is to navigate to your profile page. You do this by tapping the icon that has your profile picture on the bottom right of the interface.

2. Tap on the three line menu, and then “Settings.”

Next, tap the three line icon, situated at the top right corner of the interface, to access Instagram’s slide out menu. You’ll then want to tap on the “Settings” header. It’s located at the bottom of the interface, separate from all the other menu items.

how to turn on Instagram’s dark mode


3. Tap on “Theme.”

Once in the settings menu, you’ll see a long list of subheadings, the one you want to tap on is “Theme.” It’s towards the bottom of the interface, nestled in between “About” and “Switch to Professional Account.”

4. Tap on “Dark” or “System Default.”

At this point, you’ll see three options: “Light,” “Dark,” and “System Default.” The first two are self-explanatory. If all you want to do is switch Instagram to its dark theme and keep it there, tap the “Dark” option. The “System Default” setting is handy if you have your operating system theme set to a schedule. By enabling the final option, Instagram will sync its theme to your operating system preference, saving you the hassle of having to dig into its settings menu to change the setting manually every time.

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