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How to change a page name on Facebook

How to change a page name on Facebook

Let’s explore how to change a Facebook page name and what preparations you’ll need.

First, a few things to know. To change a Page name, you’ll have to request a name change. Get it? The new page name is actually at Facebook’s discretion, not your own, and your page name change is actually checked by Facebook.

That layer of moderation is both good and bad. It’s good for security, in case something has happened and you really don’t want your name changed to something bad. However, it does also show that while it’s your business or page you run, you’re still playing by Facebook’s rulebook. Your page size and influence doesn’t matter here.

Second important thing: you’ll need to be an Admin to request that Page name change. Not an Editor or Contributor, but Admin.

Third, the username won’t change. This might seem obvious: the URL and username associated with your page, for example, @BestCookiesTexas, will still exist as such, even if you change the page name to, say, “Best Texas BBQ,” your new business name. That’s not a problem at all, you can change the username as well. So why mention it? You have to change it, Facebook won’t do it for you.

Fourth, if you go through this process and don’t see the option to edit your page’s name, there are some likely reasons. The most obvious one is you’re not an admin, so check your page role. Also, you can’t change your name frequently, so you’ll need to wait if it changed within the last seven days.

Finally, this process is much easier to do on a desktop PC. We encountered several unexplained errors while trying to edit a page name Facebook’s Android and iOS apps.

Ready to change your page name? Here’s how.

How to change your Facebook page name

How to change a page name on Facebook

How to change your Facebook page name

  • Open your Page in Facebook, and click Page Settings in the bottom left.
  • Then find Page Info in the left menu, at the bottom.
  • At the top, click your Page name and re-do it as you need (there are limits on page names – you can’t have abusive terms, improper capitalization, symbols, the word “Facebook”, and a few more).
  • Click Save Changes: this will open a new prompt (see image), with more information. You’ll have a chance to edit the page name again, or Facebook will suggest changes if the name is invalid.
  • Review your request, and click Request Change.
  • Done! Facebook currently says “Our review may take up to three days and require additional information,” so make sure you’re ready for that delay. We’ve found it can happen in much less time, or indeed take a few days.

One last thing to think about. Changing your Facebook page name might cause your page followers to be confused, and you might want to prepare an announcement as to what’s going on if it’s a major change.

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