Stupid, Apple. Just stupid.

I love Apple but loosen up a bit here please.


More wins here on “Team Apple”!

It’s awesome to continually get excluded from cool stuff due to the company leadership at Apple

I hope everyone starts pulling out of Apple. They need a wake up call.
Great job, Tim Apple. It's just sad that it isn't available.
I'm getting really tired of of this anticompetitive, abusive and ultimately anti-consumer behaviour of Apple. Maybe it really is time for governments to start address these nasty practices of large tech giants (all of them).

I question how useful this is anyway. […] I'm trying to imagine why I would want to play on my 5" screen instead of my 27" 4K monitor.

People probably don't care about the phone part, but I am mad as heck that they are blocking this on the Apple TV as well. That was originally the big deal as far as this app goes.


The reason for rejection was that the app also lets you buy your games on it without giving Apple a cut. Steam could put it on iDevices if they wanted to, by disabling the ability to buy in the app, but they correctly evaluated the size of the market and determined that it wasn't really worth their time or effort.

I question how useful this is anyway. I have a powerhouse PC and have the original Steam Link hardware that lets me play on my TV using a controller. It works great for those games that are controller oriented, but most of the really good games need a mouse and keyboard. You need a controller for your phone. I'm trying to imagine why I would want to play on my 5" screen instead of my 27" 4K monitor.

This really is an app to let you stream your game to TVs or less powerful computers that couldn't handle the actual graphics processing. The phone part is a gimmick.

Apple is somehow finding ways to do things in every single product category to make me never want to be a customer again.

It’s intensely frustrating.

How is this Apple related if we already know Apple rejected the app and the new service won’t be on Apple at all?
Steam Link Almost Anywhere

Let’s block ads! (Why?)


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