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Smart oil diffuser by Sierra Modern Home

As homes get smarter, so does everything else inside them. From your belt to your egg tray, here’s a collection of household goods you didn’t know you could get with smart technology.

In 2019, few people can make it through a single day without using some type of artificially intelligent device or tool whether it be their smartphone, Google Home hub, or smart lightbulb — so why stop there? Here’s a collection of five smart home goods and accessories you probably didn’t know existed that ensure that every part of your day is connected.

Sierra Modern Home smart oil diffuser

Not only can this smart oil diffuser by Sierra Modern Home respond to vocal commands via its compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, but it also connects with your smartphone through its companion app, allowing owners to create schedules, select the device’s illumination color, and customize the mist.

The Sierra Modern Home smart oil diffuser is available on Amazon for $34.00. 

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

The PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder is a pet feeder that can connect to Wi-Fi and be controlled with users’ smartphones. Using the corresponding app, pet owners can schedule feeding times, tailor portion sizes, release snacks between meals, and dispense meals slowly over a 15-minute period to reduce digestive upsets.

This smart dog and cat feeder is available from Amazon for $179.95.

Numi intelligent toilet 

Thanks to a Kohler Konnect integration, the Numi intelligent toilet “offers personalized experiences that let users fine-tune every aspect of their experience to their exact preference, from ambient colored lighting to wireless Bluetooth music sync capability to the heated seat and foot warmer.” All features can be controlled by voice, with the complementary app, or with a dedicated remote.

The Numi intelligent toilet with Kohler Konnect will launch during the second quarter of next year with the price being announced nearer to the availability date.

Welt Smart Belt

The buckle of the Welt smart belt houses some smart tech that sends information to the wearer’s smartphone including their waist circumference, time spent sitting, and activity recommendations. Unfortunately, the accessory is only available in one size and style.

The Welt Smart Belt is available from Amazon for $249.00.

Wink Egg Minder Smart Egg Tray

The Egg Minder smart egg tray can connect to your smartphone through Wi-Fi to let you know how many eggs you have in the fridge at a given time and how many are bad. LEDs installed into the tray light up to identify which egg is the oldest and should be used first.

The Wink Egg Minder Smart Egg Tray is available on Amazon for $9.99.

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