A Motorola phone has been listed on the FCC, sporting a 5000mAh battery. The phone has the model number XT2055-1 and is expected to be the Moto Z5, the next device in the Moto Z family of smartphones. The listing highlights that the device will sport a 5000mAh battery. Some speculation on the internet suggests that the device will be unveiled on February 23 in Barcelona. However, according to an unnamed insider, the smartphone will not make its debut in Barcelona but will be launched sometime later in the year. The highlight of the 5000mAh battery hints that the device will focus on battery life. However, there is no other information on the specs of the phone. Other information circulating the internet suggests that the device will work with existing moto Mods. 

In other Moto news, the Moto G Stylus has leaked online. The smartphone from Moto will sport a stylus. According to information circulating the internet, the device has the model number XT2043-4. According to the FCC database, the device has a code name of “sofia+”. The code name is similar to that of the Moto G8 Power which is “sofiar”. 

In addition to the G5 and the Moto G Stylus, the company is expected to showcase the Moto G8, G8 Play at the February 23 event in Barcelona. There is no information on which of these devices will be 5G enabled and when they will make their debut in India. 

February 23 is right before MWC kicks off. So expect a lot of smartphone goodness to come from the event.

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