The mobile League of Legends Champion select screen appears to have leaked earlier this week through a new video, further strengthening the rumors that the Riot Games MOBA will be making its way to Android and iOS devices. League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world and a major influencer in the esports scene, regularly producing some of gaming’s biggest moments each year while making stars out of its players along the way.

Yet, for all of its popularity, League of Legends has never really attempted to branch into other platforms in the same way games like Fornite and Call of Duty have. To developer Riot Games’ credit, that’s likely not because it didn’t want to, but more because it was a logistics issue. Mobile gaming by its very nature restricts the amount of UI space players have and calls for simplifications of complex screen layouts, something that League of Legends definitely has. With so many important menus and statistics as part of the game, a mobile League of Legends would need to make some serious overhauls to its presentation in order to function similarly to its PC platform juggernaut.

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Judging from a new mobile League of Legends leak, though, it appears that Riot Games may have solved most of those issues in anticipation for a huge announcement. The new mobile League of Legends Champion select screen leak shows off the matchmaking lobby, which displays each champion with a small icon in a manner that’s similar to the PC version of League of Legends. The Summoners’ Rift is on the left side of the screen with each lane named and each champion positioned logically, while selecting a character produces an animation of that character, further separating this version from the PC version.

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The video also shows how mobile League of Legends might look during the game, as the player moves their Champion at the start of the game with a new UI that looks specifically tailored for the rumored port. It’s worth noting that these leaks can’t be verified at this time, it’s long been speculated that Riot Games is working hard with Chinese company Tencent to get mobile League of Legends up and running. The leaked video is in Chinese, which lends a bit more weight to the possibility it has emerged out of Tencent’s collaborative effort with Riot Games in the early stages of the League of Legends port’s development.

So far, though, Riot has remained tight-lipped on a mobile League of Legends release, and the company is pretty busy with the emergent Teamfight Tactics as a second major element of its portfolio. Riot Games is also working on the fighting game title it announced at Evo 2019 this year, so any mobile League of Legends game isn’t likely to come this year, and it’s probably still in the beginning stages of its development thanks to the slew of other projects Riot is also working on simultaneously.

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Source: YouTube (via Dot Esports)

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