Infinix S4 Unboxing and Review

Hey guys it’s Eric here and this is my unboxing a review of the Infinix s4 its successor to the s3 from last year the box has the same green theme as that of the s2 and s3 you have some of the specs on the back when you open it up you’re greeted with device let’s go ahead and peel out the sticker on the front and on the back to reveal that shiny Neverland blue color it also comes in black and purple as you saw in my hands on video let’s power it on while we see what else is in the box we have the warranty booklet an envelope that houses the sim ejector tool a Quick Start Guide a specification manual the X Club registration guide a film screen protector a class silicone gel case let me try and fit that in on the bottom compartment to get a standard 10 watt charger a micro USB cable and proprietary earphones on the front you have a 6 point 2 6 HD plus IPS LCD display with 19 by 9 aspect ratio on top of that display you have a water drop notch that houses it that’s 2 megapixel camera and speaker on the back you have a triple camera setup the first is actually an 8 megapixel camera for depth sense in the middle you have the 13 megapixel primary camera and then you have the 2 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens with quad flash you have a fingerprint sensor and some Infinix branding as well on the left you have a SIM tray that houses two 4G LTE nano Sims and an SD card on the right you have a power button and bottom bracket keys on the top you have nothing on the bottom you have a millimeter headphone jack a microphone a micro USB port and a speaker the Infinix s4 is the first of s series to spot a glass back it is a glass and plastic sandwich design and a bit of a fingerprint magnet the gradient color has this glitter effect that may not be very visible in this video on the front what’s new here is the water drop knowledge a first for me Phoenix as well there’s still a chin though it’s lightly trimmed down from the hot s3x it is slightly slimmer and to coming from the hot s3x the water drop notch lets you have more utility and notification icons on top than the regular knowledge there’s also an option to hide it in the sentence but you wasted all of that screen real estate plus you still have all the information but in black and whites still on the display it’s got great viewing angles and is quite responsive to type on it is only 720p resolution which means you can’t get the 1080p

YouTube experience on say the note 5 and node 5 stylus here’s what the speaker sounds like so


I’m testing the sound of the Infinix s4 and here’s what the speaker sounds like in the settings we can see that this unit comes in TechSoup gigs of storage and 3 gigs of RAM you have about 22 gigs available to you there’s also a 64 gigs variant with 6 gigs of RAM as seen in my hands-on video it runs on Android 9 PI and X OS cheetah version UI slapped on top of it you can see the icons on the settings menu have gotten a nice makeover in the quick settings you get a few new toggles in addition to what we’re used to like bike mode which basically mutes and rejects or calls for 2 hours you have read mode which is now different from Ikea read mode adjust your brightness and temperature automatically while IKEA is manually adjustable your system navigation options now let you have that classic Android one look with a mixed navigation you can even customize your back heat placement which you don’t get on Android one.

I personally prefer the back here on the right if you want more screen real estate to play with the gesture navigation should be your go-to here you can have up to nine apps and 3 utility tools floating on top of your interface basically you can get into these apps or use these features without getting back to the home screen or recent apps or swiping from the top I guess this means that swiping from the side should save you some time and of course you can turn it off if it gets any way you get quite a few blue way out the box but these apps can be deleted you have your usual app log and X high for privacy in your phone master app the X themes, of course, comes with lots of themes as well as 3 fonts to choose from in terms of performance the hell yo p22 handles your everyday social media apps really well you can do a bit of multitasking

But I suggest you get the six experience if you want to leave stuff running in the background for longer the face ID is really fast and reliable pretty much unlocks even if not well lit indoor lighting conditions but the fingerprints do not as fast is far more secure and is what I use mostly when it’s very dark when it comes to gaming, as usual, I play pop G on default settings and the power VR 8320 is able to handle the graphics fairly well with a few stuttering of course.

I also play games like asphalt 9 and pest 19 as well if you haven’t seen my gamer review go check it out I’ll be leaving a link in the description box as well about battery life there’s a huge four thousand milliamp hour battery on this guy I got through two full days of use with about 7% left to spare this give me nearly ten hours of screen on time granted I was on Wi-Fi the whole time but it’s still very impressive and the battery life is something I’ve come to expect from the hey Leo p22 it took me about 2 hours and 12 minutes to charge from 0 to 100% and it doesn’t support fast charging about the AI camera we now have an extra 120 degrees wide-angle lens I put the triple camera on the s4 to test and here are some photos and videos that I took to this record 1080p video from the selfie camera and that’s pretty amazing coming from this price point the Infinix s4 is a true s3 successor design refresh down to it’s glass and each viewed triple camera setup and water drop knowledge while you miss some features like the front fire and flash and notification and indeed it comes at a lower price point compared to that of its predecessor as at the time of launch the s4 is priced at $49,900 which converts to 140 US dollars for the 32 gigs variant and 64,000 500 naira which converts to 180 US dollars for the 64 gigs variants.

I believe in a link in the description should you wish to shop on Jimmy or Nigeria I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up and share it also follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see what I’m up to please subscribe for more videos like this and I’ll see you in the next one peace you

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Infinix S4 Unboxing and Review


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