Sounds like more of Waze features are getting integrated into Google Maps.
Surprised that it took them so long to add this functionality considering that Google owns Waze.

Waze clone

Well considering Google owns Waze…

Will this be available for Hong Kong?
Useful, especially if drivers can submit their reports by voice, so no need to touch their phones at all. I seem to remember Apple filing a patent for something similar years ago, so am surprised we still cannot tell Siri about accidents, road closures, etc.

I wonder if they’ll ever discontinue Waze.

I doubt it. Maps is such a large and sprawling app that features have to come slowly so they don’t break anything.
I can see keeping Waze for beta testing new features and slowly integrating them into the main Maps app.

Anyone know if this works in CarPlay?

Anyone know if this works in CarPlay?

it is currently working on my iPhone, but not CarPlay.

Let’s block ads! (Why?)


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