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Create And Edit Videos Online With FlexClip

Create And Edit Videos Online With FlexClip


The cosmic truth is that people are visually oriented. People do remember more than 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read.  So short videos can indeed be created and edited for social media materials easily via desktop or mobile devices, if you want your content be seen.

Could creating a fun animated video be more fun, including music, custom texts, and more? Yes this can be done using  FlexClip online video editor.


It is an online platform that helps you create online videos, movies, and slideshows in minutes. With handy editing tools and a wide range of photos, videos and music, anyone can get their work done in three easy steps.

And yes, it is not a program or an application that requires you to download it, but a website where you can easily do video editing tasks.

First impression when using FlexClip:

It is a website filled with animated videos and their associated text descriptions.  When you move your mouse pointer to the video thumbnail it starts playing,  you can also click on a specific video to view it in full screen.


When you enter the editor, you will see a simple interface and clean storyboard, so even if you are using this video maker for the first time, you can easily understand how to use it cleanly without any guide or instructions, you can create a totally free video and save it for free in full 1080p resolution.

The site supports saving work on its servers, which means that by returning to your account, you will find the projects you are working on and you can resume working on them at any time.

Why you need FlexClip and its features:

As you know, video marketing is becoming more and more attractive nowadays, for example, real estate agencies can use it to create videos to promote their buildings, while teachers prepare class materials or slide presentations to explain what to talk about. Website content managers make video animations to enrich the content, and a business owner can use a video to promote their company or product to potential clients. Thus, FlexClip is suitable for both commercial and personal use, such as birthdays, weddings, travels, etc., and also for optimizing the content on your social platforms.

 The basic plan of the platform is free and it allows you to create videos with acceptable quality and take advantage of the various features that the editor offers you.


It offers tons of photos, videos, and music that you can use in your videos, and it supports many popular image, video, and audio formats.

The site also creates many amazing video templates, which you can edit and develop, and the site adds hundreds of them from time to time.You can use the microphone to record audio on your video, and also input any content on your desktop such as photos, videos, and special sounds that you don’t normally have on the platform.Videos can be exported in full 1080p resolution without a watermark, which is, of course, for the paid versions of the site.The only drawback of FlexClip is that it does not work on all of the web browsers. Chrome is the most recommended one.

All in all, it is a practical and promising video maker tool, with FlexClip Online Video Maker, you only need an internet connection, in addition you can do editing wherever and whenever you want as long as you have internet connection and you have the latest version of Chrome browser.

How do I start using FlexClip?

Although there is a free version of FlexClip Online Video Maker, the limitations offered are quite limited to our creativity, but for those of you who have no problem maxing out a single video, the results are only 480p and the duration is only 1 minute is advantage enough.The cheapest paid plan costs $6 per month, while the business plan for companies and professional freelancers requires about $20 per month.To start using the site, all you have to do is register and create a free account and you can use your Google or Facebook account, from here , and you can upgrade to the paid version at any time if you need to.

To conclude:

FlexClip could be a good choice for making short videos. If you have any questions and suggestions, comment and share with us below.


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