Best Budget Bluetooth HeadphonesEdifier W830BT Review

Edifier W830BT Review -Mukul Uppal

Why are these headphones the best value for money Bluetooth headsets out there right now?

That’s what I am gonna share. So this was the box I got it in. Some of the features written on the Box are that it comes with 40mm drivers. 90 degrees swivel ear pads. It supports bluetooth version which also supports a2dp and AVRCP protocols. It comes with the csr chip with AAC and Qualcomm APTx technology and it supports an insane 95 hours of continuous play. Bluetooth connects up to 10 meters. On the front of the box it proudly says that it has a 95 hours of playback time and 60 days of standby time.

Other features include an operating distance of up to 10 meters. Charge time of 4 hours standby time of insane 1500 hours. Input power at 1 ampere. The frequency range of *20 Hertz to 20 kilohertz and also it comes with NFC. These don’t come with noise cancellation and I think under this budget you won’t be able to find even partially good enough noise canceling headphones. I really like the quality of the packaging. The overall packaging felt very premium even there was a cushion inside the lid of the box. So the first thing you will see inside the box is a very well built travel case and inside the travel case first you will see the headphones and then 2 wires will come along with it.

There’s a pocket which has velcro on the back of it and it sticks to the back surface of the travel case. Very thoughtful of that. 2 cables are provided. One of them is a mm jack cable which will connect your headset to your device if the Bluetooth battery ever dies. Why am I saying ever – I will let you know soon. Also you get a micro USB cable to charge your device. so now coming on to the main thing which are the headphones I would say that the headphones have a really excellent build quality. you can rotate them like this put it in the travel case or you can rotate them like this for a more convenient, for a more compact way of carrying the headphones inside your bag or travel case or whatever you want. Not this travel case but any other travel case which you have, a more compact travel case. The padded cushions on the headphones are comfortable. I would have preferred if they were a little larger as I do face a little discomfort after using them for longer hours. I would say they are not as comfortable as Sony MDR XB 950 but they are definitely as comfortable as Sennheiser HD 4.40.

The headphones has also mentioned these L sign and R sign on the left-hand side and right-hand side of the ear cup so that it’s easy for you to figure out which side goes where. On the right hand side of the ear cup you would find volume increase key, a volume decrease key and a power button. there’s an LED indicator to show when it’s charging, or when the battery is low and also these three dots signify that they’re the microphones. The cushion on the top is extremely comfortable I’ve no complaints with that. I have a big head…a big head hehe. The Edifier logo is invertedly embossed on the top of the cushion on the headphones. on the left-hand side you would find the mm jack and port to connect your headphones to the micro USB cable to charge it. I’m not going to show how you connect the headphones to your phone or to anything else because it’s extremely easy.

If you know how to use NFC you can immediately connect it by placing this side of the headphones to the backside of your phone or any other device which uses NFC and the standard Bluetooth connection which we all must know by now how Bluetooth connection works. The range of the headphones is pretty good I have tested it with in-between walls for up to I think 20 feet, 15 to 20 feet it works at around about 20 feet, with hindrances around, the headphones, the sound does start to get a little jerky but it still manages to somehow work. I’m extremely happy with the range of these headphones. when it comes to the styling I really love the build quality and I really really like this color. I really like how they have maintained this gray tone with this matte-ish black, nothing glossy here which I kind of like. Hey everyone if you are liking this video do check out my other content on the channel and do consider subscribing as it motivates me a lot to make such similar content.

I’ve been using it for 2 months and I have listened to all sort of music. I mostly listen to trance and some pop music too and I’ve been extremely pleased with how these headphones have been performing. The biggest convenience of these headphones, the major, the biggest USP of these headphones I would say is their battery life. I think I use my headphones for about an hour daily and I think when I got them I used them and I’m not kidding I used them for 2 months and after that I was put in the need to charge them. Before that I had never charged them. It does say it comes with 90 hours playback battery life and I think they are not lying, they’re not wrong here. I almost reached that playback hour when I was using them. and the biggest beneficial factor of this is that not only you will be least bothered to charge your headphones on a daily basis or in 2 or 3 of days of gap but by charging your battery so less your headphones battery life will be optimized for a very long period of time.

Because it’s a fact when you don’t discharge and charge a battery on any device regularly it is bound to have a longer life and I think that’s what these headphones would do. So as I was saying I like the comfort of the headphones but they could have been more comfortable. I have a big head and the cups do fit my ear very well, very comfortable but I think after using them for more than an hour or so I feel a little discomfort. It’s not bad and I am just nitpicking, it’s not very bad. They are as comfortable as the Sennheiser BT but they are not as comfortable as the Sony xb950 B1 or B whatever it is. The sony xb950b is extremely comfortable is way more comfortable that than these headphones but for the price you can’t really complain because these headphones cost almost *HALF of those. I bought them on Aliexpress and I think they were around $65 US dollars and in Indian price that was around 4500 rupees. In fact if you look at these headphones on Amazon India right now they will be around 8,000 9,000 10,000 rupees. So I was lucky I didn’t have to pay any imports on this. so the comfort could have been a little bit better but I am not complaining because for the price of 4,500 rupees, for 65 US dollars I think these are extremely great.

Sound wise- I would say they’re maybe not as good as the Sony xb950 but they are clearly or they could be even better, I could be wrong I’m not an audiophile. If I use a headphone, if I find clarity in it, if I find decent bass in it, not extreme bass but decent bass in it I would recommend that headphones and I seriously recommend this headphone. Just keep in mind that these could be a little uncomfortable if you have huge ears and a big head like me. I was looking at the Bluedio options too but Edifier is a dedicated sound company they know what they are doing they know what they are making. So I am NOT a big fan of having so many Bluetooth devices around me and the sole reason is that like for example on my phone if I use a mm jack I won’t have to care about the battery on it dying forever, like forever but on other Bluetooth devices I use I need to always charge them. If some have really great battery I would need to always remember that in 4 to 5 days I would need to charge them but with these headphones, these are crazy dude, they do give you a sound, a warning sound when the battery is dying so if you if you can get your hands on the XB950 or the sennheiser HD headphones you would know how these headphones would sound, they are very close to them and the battery life is insane.


The build quality is extremely good. So far for the past two or three months they have been operational without any faults so whenever you buy stuff from outside you need to make, you need to know that if any fault is developed inside these headphones you need to ship them back on your expense.

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