Goodbudget App best cross-platform budget app

From your home PC to your mobile device, Goodbudget is built to help you control your expenditure and ultimately make savings through shrewd budgeting.

Actually, Goodbudget uses the highly effective envelope budgeting system to help you mend your finances.

For starters, envelope budgeting involves putting cash into a designated number of ‘envelopes’ depending on your spending categories.

It helps you become financially prudent as exhausting an envelope means you have to cease spending until next month.

The app lets you easily set and manage your cash (per ‘envelope’) and eventually rein in on any careless expending habits via this revolutionary technique.

Like the rest of the apps vying for the title of the best cross-platform budget app, this software is available for use on your iPhone, Android, and the Web.

When it comes to the pricing, the forever free version gives you up to 20 envelopes ( 10 regular plus 10 extra) and access from two devices and should serve most of the basic need.

However, upgrading unlocks more capabilities including unlimited envelopes.

And at $6 per month, even the program’s pricing is budget conscious!

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Because of their expansive features, intuitiveness, and stability across all platforms including Linux, Gnucash, Mint, YNAB, and Goodbudget rank highly in the cross-platform budget apps category.

For this reason, it wouldn’t come as no surprise if one of them is recognized as the best cross-platform budget app.

Importantly, all of them should help you achieve your financial goals of getting out of debt, saving more money, and to stop living paycheck to paycheck.


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